The Beautiful IML ECO PARK Tourist Destination

     You want a place where you can relax?There is a solution.The place   of Glan is known as  the most beautiful place, so here is the IML Eco Park to fulfill your dreams.

      It is evident that the Sarangani Province is taking their tourism industry seriously. It is the newest resort and recreational area called the IML Eco Park found at the peak of Lumasal Village in Maasim, Sarangani. This former hacienda is now open to the public and groomed to be the next important tourist attraction of Sarangani.

IML’ stands for Irineo Miguel Lopez. The current owner is Mr. Jojo Lopez, former Mayor of Maasim, Sarangani and his beloved wife no other than Haydee Lopez. Jojo Lopez, ever the visionary town leader, can see where the municipality is heading. He was an excellent leader of his constituents by simply being a peace advocate. The IML Eco Park is barely months old and they’re adding more activities that aims to attract more tourists to visit the place. It is perfect for family and barkada trips. A 60 kilometer drives from General Santos City. This place is overlooking of Sarangani Bay and coconut plantation, so you may enjoy the fresh air and the nice view that will make you stress-free from the long and exhausting travel. .IML also offers firing for those who want to test their marksmanship; they have different shooting range from 80, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 and 1500 meters. In this place there are many families and friends visiting there to experience the most fantastic event. Five open cottages are strategically located at the parking lot, offering the nice view of the high way and seashore. The  pool is very clean because it is will maintained which reflects even the color or the blue sky, and the two mushroom shades will bring out the inner child in you and make you want to jump into the water right away and play throw, dive and retrieve in the pool. But be sure not to wear colored shirts because it is not allowed. The 580-meter zip-line crosses over the twin-pools below, above the pattern of coconut trees and a pond the Lopezes plan to develop soon for boating and fishing. A view of the zip-line from the resort affords one a fascinating sight of the Sarangani Bay Protected Seascape as a background. Rooms are also available for overnight stay. Php 1,500.00 – Air conditioned rooms Php 1,000.00 – Economy rooms I invite you all to come and visit the IML ECO PARK in Sarangani Province to experience and enjoy all of your life. This is not only a saying but it is true, to proved more come as soon as possible.  Amenities:            Swimming Pool            Restaurant            Hotel Rooms            Function Hall            Firing Range            Zipline            Kids Playground Expense Information Entrance:         Php 50.00 – (07:00am – 06:00pm)         Php 75.00 – (overnight)          Cottages:         Php 150.00 – Open Cottage         Php 2,000.00 – Close Cottage (Depending on the number of personsZipline:         Php 200.00 per ride   Firing Range:         Php 100 per  3 bullet REFERENCES SITE:


The Place of Relaxation

Hi to all. You know I’m so very excited to tackle about Lake Sebu.


Lake Sebu as seen from Punta Isla; photo by Patrick120603 from

The lake’s shores are home to the indigenous T’bolis, Tirurays, Ubos and Manobos. There commonly livelihood fishing because they are good in fishing skills.

In the Lake Sebu we can witness the 7 waterfalls and the Zipline.

There are many tourist come here because as you can see it is fresh and you can relax in there.

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